Solar. Powered. Refrigeration.

Up to 40% of food in East Africa is lost or wasted.
We are on a mission to change that.

Real Food.
Real Fresh.


FreshBox's flagship product is a large commercial cooling unit that fits conveniently in a vendor space at fruit and vegetable markets across Kenya. Through our inviting customer experience, we are supporting the economic future of merchants across Kenya by allowing them to sell a higher percentage of their produce. Our revolutionary solar-powered refrigeration technology will take us off the grid and help us reach the last mile of poverty eradication in Africa.

Solar Powered

Going Green

Our solar-powered unit reduces reliance on traditional electricity and makes our company environmentally-conscious & scalable to areas off the grid.

Solving Food Waste

Solving Food Spoilage

Our unique cooling technique allows us to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables from 2 days to over 21 days hence reducing food spoilage.

Made in Kenya

Made in Kenya

Our cooling unit is currently manufactured and assembled in Kenya! We not only support farmers and retailers, but also provide local employment opportunities.


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