FreshBox envisions a world where merchants can accelerate their earning potential by providing a safe and sustainable solution for refrigerating fruits and vegetables.


It all started when...

John Mbindyo was buying groceries at his local store in Nairobi, when the 28-year-old IT graduate asked his vendor about fruit shelf life. The store manager said, depending on the amount of stock, the goods last about two to three days. And then, he added: “I wish we had fridges to keep them cool.”

We put our innovative idea to the test with a pilot project in a Nairobi fruits and vegetables market. To assess the demand for a large-scale cooling unit in similar markets across Kenya, we first purchased a used household refrigerator. After we installed the refrigerator in the market, the unit was fully booked within a day. Over the course of the next three months, the pilot refrigerator achieved a 100% utilization rate.

And so the idea for FreshBox was born, a solar-powered, walk-in cold room that provides retailers with storage facilities to preserve perishable products. John then enlisted the support of three business colleagues, and together they founded the company. Operating since 2017, FreshBox offers vendors and farmers refrigeration services for many of East Africa's most trafficked fruits and vegetables markets.