We do too.


FreshBox has pioneered a revolutionary way to refrigerate fruits and vegetables in the world's most vibrant markets. Our innovative solar-powered refrigeration solution will keep produce fresher, farmers richer, and smiles wider.

Food Waste Farmer Income

Increased Income for Market Vendors

FreshBox's cold-storage system is specifically optimized to minimize food loss and maximize vendors abilities to sell more fruits and vegetables. We have democratized high up-front capital expenditures with our low-cost subscription model. This allows a retailer to preserve 30-40 kilograms of fruit and vegetables for only $0.50/crate/day, without needing to purchase a full-sized refrigerator. With space for more than 70 vegetable crates, each FreshBox unit unlocks an additional 25% earning potential for market vendors.

Beyond this, we mitigate the financial risk for retailers to sell high-value produce because our system lengthens the life of fruits and vegetables. By providing refrigeration as a service, rather than as a product, we reach the bottom-of-the-pyramid and increase the earning potential for our retailers.


Proprietary Design

We've developed a revolutionary way to refrigerate for a fraction of the cost of large commercial refrigerators. Our design allows us to keep a 9 cubic metre refrigerator at freezing temperature 24/7.

In addition, all units will have the capacity to be connected to electricity by solar panels and the electric grid as a backup (where possible) allowing us the flexibility to easily move our modular units to serve communities across Kenya.


An Emphasis on Women

FreshBox's customer base is almost exclusively comprised of women working in the local markets. For this reason, we typically hire and train women to manage the FreshBox system.

One of our best customers, Mary, has saved more than $500 using FreshBox. Watch a video about her here.